Sosua Beach is a small beach town located on the North
Coast of the Dominican Republic. It is located  between
Cabarete, ten miles to the East and Puerto Plata, twenty
miles to the West.  Sosua is a legendary party town known
for its lively nightlife, bars and discos.
Sosua Main Beach
is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and
is lined with close to 150  bars and restaurants. The water
is gin clear and is famous for scuba, snorkeling or just
sitting back and having a cold
Presidente Beer on a
Sunday afternoon.  Sosua  also stirs up a huge amount of
controversy which keeps us busy trying to keep up. Stay
tuned for all the Sosua News and Eventos from  this tiny
town.  Never a dull moment in Sosua Beach. Here at
we cover Sosua News, Sosua Nightlife,
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We also cover  events
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We are all about the Sosua Party. Which is still going.
SAY WHAT ? You crazy? We are just sick and tired of all the talk about poverty here in the
DR.  Thats all anyone talks about.  And more Sosua charities
. This  country has a booming
economy and with it
a large growing MIDDLE CLASS with increasing spending power.  Just
recently a new Jumbo Super Market opened in Puerto Plata along with the La Sirena
Market prove this.  Think about it and enlarge these pics.  These retail chains plus others
are growing thoughout the island and cannot survive serving the so called 2% of the
population hogging 98% of the wealth while the rest of the population eats out of
dumpsters.  Just not possible.  These markets and many other businesses are packed with
the DR Middle Class freely spending large amounts of money.
 Over Black Friday  Weekend
La Sirena put on sale at least 200 flat screens. Many 52 inch. That weekend every one was
sold. Thats not just  the rich 2%
. Come on. Just look around and look at all the late model
cars and trucks rolling around.  9 out 10 are driven by Dominicans. Not rich Gringos and
the wealthy. Just open your eyes and look.
 People are starting businesses here in record
numbers and gaining wealth like never before.
We live all around this. Ever sliver of land
has construction projects going up.  Yes there is poverty but all but a few have at least a
newer smart phone, a scooter/pasola, motorcycle  or car, a roof over their heads and cable
TV.  We live here and see this everywhere.
 And everyone gets enough to eat. No one is
starving here trust us. Maybe just the opposite
.  And there are numerous educational ops
for anyone with ambition, including a Technical University where anyone can learn dozens
of skills. The government has done a great job here. reported yet another
Sosua Charity.
 If people want to get ahead here , the opportunity is there. MORE TO COME.
SOSUA NEWS 2/27/2018.  Puerto Plata pastor Melvin David Quirez on 2/9/2018 was
sentenced to15 years in prison for raping dozens of women
. This knucklehead
brainwashed these women by convincing them his semen was sacred and
blessed by an envoy of god, then convincing them if they have sex with him they
will be saved. And these stupid ladies believed this guy. We dont have an age
range but most likely teens and twenties.
And the result is dozens of children
confirmed by DNA testing.
 Readers, these are the same guys that have been
attacking our Sosua party for years. We wonder how many times he has been to
Sosua yelling over a loud speaker telling everyone they wil go to hell for having
sex outside of marriage.
This behavior is widespread and is the rule not the
 The DR is infested with  evngelical groups from the US and Canada
who rent a store front or building and do nothing but preach and scare the poorest locals with their going to hell if you
dont think like us BS.  And coming from Gringos they believe it.
They provide no money for school uniforms, books,
health care, food, etc. All the recourses go on recruiting. And little to no support for local restaurants or businesses
This preacher was no doubt influenced by these groups. There have been a number of cases of sex abuse in local
churches. This is just the first one we reported on. Also, the Sosua area is full of useless NGOs that are here for girls,
sex and beer. Just Hipocrits. And thanks to
WWW.DETRASDELRUMOR.COM.DO for your great reporting and great work.
We are just tickled by this story.  We will be on top of these stories as they break. The Sosua economy remains slow.
The Weather Network
5/23/2018. Missy the dog is dead. We have been doing health reports on
her lately. We have been feeding her for two years. She ate some type of
poison that affecter her liver. Her stomach swelled up and she just got
huge. We got her to a local vet two weeks ago.
We also contacted The
Dogs and Cats of the DR Charity and spoke to the Director, a retired dentist
named Mark
. He agreed to pay the med bill out of  charity funds. He turned
out to be a first rate JACKASS.
 He refused to help get the dog to the Vet.
He stopped picking up the phone. We had to call ten times to get him to
answer. Never returned a single text or email.
He said he would stop by
the clinic. He never did. Just two phone calls.  He said the medical bill was
US$300.  It was no where near that.  He said the dog had surgery and they
found a bad liver. No surgery was performed.  He never paid the bill
. Then
without contacting us he ordered the dog to be put down.  And he still
never contacted us. I called him 5/21 and got the news. We went to see her
Sat, 5/12. See the first photo above. She didnt look great but was
improving. She was never sick. Always ate all the food we gave her. No
This guy did nothing but lie to us. He is a complete Jerk. And two
years ago some great person awarded the charity use 15 acres of land
near the city of Luperon for a dog retreat. And little or nothing has been
built. Will it ever be built? Not for a long time. Not with with this director.
Sosua News 5/16/2018.  On Saturday we found these
guys dragging  large boat across the sand to the
boat ramp on Sosua Main Beach. So what you ask?  
Well this area used to be water. See pic, lower left.
For you new readers,
a series of Norester storms hit
the US East coast his winter and caused huge waves
in Sosua Bay
.  The sand shifted from the West side
of Sosua MainBeach to the East side, creating a new
beach. And a huge track of new sand where there
was once water.  Mother Nature gone crazy.
boata have to be pushed across forty meters of  new
. This is hard work. These guys were really
working up a sweat. Just a little crazy. And Hurricane
Season starts in two weeks. Never a dull moment.

Scroll down for more beach pics. Please have a look
located in a few All Inclusive Resorts. With 25 million
people living on the island. Well you get the point. Not
a pretty one.
And trash is equally a problem. Piles of it
Got garbage? Just throw in into a pile
somewhere or throw it along side the road. Just
sickening. The tourist beaches are kept clean. The
rest are plastic waste dumps.
But if you need a tooth
brush or pair of flip flops you might want to have a
look. The flip flops might not match however
. But all
that sewage running into the ocean. Oh No. Blahhh.
Sosua News 5/22/2018. Pollution
here in the DR garners little
thought or discussion. Lately,
just a little.
Few Dominicans   
think about  the environment or
its impact
. The only sewage
treatment centers we know of are
We just cannot believe what happened to the old
It is now set up as a private, exclusive
enclave for bachelor parties and groups.
It has 14
nice rooms, a beautiful pool area with a pool bar.  
Parties must rent the entire facility.
The cost is
$1900 USD per day. But wait a minute! It is an All
Inclusive package that includes all meals, beer and
premium liquor
. That sounds expensive until you
break it down. A group of 14 would pay a mere $135
per person per day. Not bad.  Only one  of the
original three bars remain. See above left. But it is
Bachelorettes? It is open to you as well. And if
you want to see what the original Passions was like.
Please go to Google Images and hit in Passions
Sosua. You will need a cold shower after looking at
these pics.
Like to rent? Contact us ASAP. We will
get you set up. This is total luxury. Really Nice!
Well Readers, if you decide to leave civilization and move overseas as an
ExPat, you will have to get your passport stamps updated.
 So we made
our annual treck to Dajabon DR and into Haiti on Sunday.
 We exected it to
be smooth, but we soon found out a new system is now in place. Not all of
our previous stamps were showing on the computer.
 We were brought
into a separate room and it took three hours to get things figured out
.  We
paid 8000 RD or Dominican Pesos. This is $162 USD.  Then another $30 in
other fees. We then went into Haiti and got stamped there. Which took
two minutes and $20 more. Plus gas. It took an entire Sunday. They also
take fingerprints now. A whole new system.  The meter starts running
after 30 days. We waited over a year.
 Or you can pay when you leave the
but its best to go to Dajabon like we did. Not fun and a three hour
trip, 120 miles, nothing to look at, but you have to take care of this.
We bought some produce from
this lady. And then picked up the
basket an put it back on her head.
It had to weigh 60 plus pounds.
And these Haitian ladies walk
around all day like this. This is
called working for a living. Uhg.
Sosua News 6/13/2018. There is constant talk and debate over
low wages paid by employers here in the DR.
There is one
word. It is called DISTRIBUTION. When a worker is hired about
25% of their monthly pay
has to be paid when that person is
fired. That payout starts after three months of employment.
The government has set appropriate pay at 29,000RD or Dominican Pesos
per month. About US$640 Dollars to cover rent, food and other expenses.

But a large number of DR workers make between 9000 to 15000RD. These
are store clerks and various unskilled workers. Of course no business is
going to pay a high wage under these circumstances.
Now if an employee
quits or steals and is fired, is the payout different? No, not always
. The
owners of a very well known Sosua restaurant noticed food missing from
their freezers. They installed a camera and filmed a long time worker
stealing food and taking it out the back door.
They fired him and refused to
pay his Distribution. It wound up in court. The judge or fiscal sided on the
worker and the owners had to pay out 100%. Even after viewing the
. So, expect to pay the Distribution if you open a business in the DR
Some businesses, especially on the beach fire their workers close to the
three month deadline then hire them back. So the average wage will
remain at about US$3 per hour.  As long as this law is in place wages will
remain low.  Remove it and wages will go up in a  hurry.  Or be like many
here, learn skills and start a business.  Many Dominicans do  and some
make it big. We cant help think about a well known Sosua restaurant owner
fired an employee and had to pay out 45,000RD or at the time US$1000. The
employee, who we knew well, was very happy.
 Now you know. Stay Tuned
Sosua News 7/1/ 2018. Yes, another Evangelical preacher
busted. This time for the raping of a nine year old child.
article did not say what sex. We will assume it  was a female.
Arrested was Candido Arraujo, 42 years old of Samana RD,
which is located on the far eastern tip of the island. We
Hope he is chipping rocks  in the 95 degree heat.  
And these
are the guys are constantly scolding everyone for immoral
Please scroll down for two more similar articles,
including the preacher telling women his semen was
blessed by God?
Scroll down and have a read. Much more
to come here. And Thanks to DETRASDELRUMOR.COM.DO.
for this story. Nice work! Keep it up and stay tuned.
Sosua News 7/1/2018. Yes Amigos, the
Republica Dominicana is producing
its own whiskey. Kings label, which is
being made in Santiago. Whiskey is
currently being made in Scottland and
in Kentucky and Tennesse in the US.
That puts the Dominican Republic in some very rare
company indeed. And no, we havent sampled any
yet, but will soon. Seagrams may be part of this also.
Sosua News 7/7/2018.  And Readers.
Lets not forget Boca Chica. There is
always a nice party going on down
there and maybe its time to check it
out. Located on the South side of
the Island, close to the Santo
Domingo Airport.  And lots of condos and low to
moderate priced hotels. No its not as nice as Sosua. The
Beach is not as nice as Sosua Main Beach, but how many
are? But its OK. Nice enough.
BC needs more bars and
discos. That will change in a hurry if more of our party
crowd shows up.
Some of our amigos only go to BC.
Remenber our past story about a 58 year old guy  from
Florida got his first passport, went to BC and Njust went
crazy.  Partied like a rock star for five days. We wont go
into too much detail, but use your imagination. We like it
and will make more trips. The party lives in Boca Chica.
Sosua News 6/20/2018. Over the
weekend there were raids on two
Sosua Beach bars. Picaflora, located
in Playa Laguna and Blue Ice Piano
Bar were raided and closed.
Sosua Beach News 7/27/2018. So far approx. 30,000
Venezuelan refugees
have arrived in the Dominican
Republic. We just watched a news story on the
Venezuelan economy and you can hardly blame them
for fleeing.  The currency is completely worthless.  
There are no jobs, no food. The story said the country is on the brink of
famine. Crime is at epidemic proportions.
 And Venezuela has the worlds
2nd largest oil reserves.
The average citizen has lost eleven kilos of body
weight.  President Maduro makes the place sound like paradise. So they
are arriving  in the DR. Land of low wages.  They are asking for immediate
 The economy is booming here. But little money to be made
unless self employed
. Business owners here can become very wealthy.  
These refugees are better off going to the USA.  But here, the store
shelves are full. There is so much food there is a type 2  diabetes problem.  
The economy is ill equipped to handle more refugees. Remember there are
two miliion Haitians living here. The government has its hands full trying to
manage all of this. They will also work in the hot sun for low wages.
is doing very well.  And we  can confirm that crime is way
. 25 million people on the island and not enought jobs.
We know dozens of under 30 males just sitting around
doing nothing all day. This will lead to crime. Lots of it.
Former President Leonel Fernandez  is prejected to get
elected in 2020
. Mercy.There is a fight going on to allow
more than two  consecutive terms. Danilo has been in
office for two terms. Things will get crazy. STAY TUNED.
We never visited Blue Ice but it seemed pretty slow most
of the time.
 But it is owned by Peter who was owner of
. We think they still have a have a bone to pick
with him, even though he never broke any laws. And why
arrest the manager?
But Picaflora didnt really surprise
us.  But it is or was a seafood restaurant. They just added
a nice little desert bar
. Hey, why not go out for some
seafood and get a little sex.  All under one roof! We never
mentioned this place on the blog here in an effort to
keep things low key.  But we are not surprised.
contact, see beach report left, says officials are just
trying to bankrupt Sosua.
 Why he did not know. But that
seems spot on accurate. What does surprise us are
heavily armed military raids on these places. Is all this
show of force necessary? Hell no. Throughout  all the
bars shut downs over the years Marengue Bar/Classico
disco remains open with business as usual. We just got
wind of this story today and had to scramble to make
space for this.
But the Picaflora was doing a really
booming business
. It was a more remote version of
passions located in Playa Laguna. There is space for a
Red Light District  at the end of Calle Pedro Clisante, but
have one two miles outside of Sosua is a problem? Is the
party dead? No way.  Weekends will continue to be busy.  
Dont hesitate to get on a plane. Boca Chica? Please scroll
down and have a  read. This place is a good time.
Sosua News 7/27/20128.  We just
saw a recent poll that found DR
President Danilo Medina has a 65%
disapproval rating.
This surprises
us. The low numbers are due to
high crime and corruption. The
Sosua News 8/8/2018.  We ventured to Puerto Plata 8/5 for
Verano Presidente concert . This tour stop featured
one our favorites Don Miguelo, Salsa act Chiquito team
Band, Hip hop performer Musicologo. Who? We know little
about him and DJ Nitido playing techno late into the night.
Don and his twelve piece band, put on their usual great set
of Hip Hop combined with Rock. The crowds just swell
before he takes stage. Everyone gets really excited. He
delivered playing all his hits.  
But, Chiquito Team Band was
actually better. Just a great  set of Salsa
. The crowd got
into it. Nothing gets the party going like Salsa and these
guys put are a great live act. We didnt stay for Musicologo
and DJ Nitido.
On Techno, we like to see real bands playing
real music
. But who are we? These guys are packing huge
arenas. attracting young crowds and making huge $$$. Bit
Don and Chiquito really got the job done. Where U there?
Sosua News 8/8/2018. We all know the
current bad situation in
Venezuela. It is so
bad on Sunday 8/5 President  Madura was
almost killed by a drone loaded with
explosives. Never been there but when it
recovers we would love to visit Isle
Margarita. Caracus, we may skip. But Margarita is a complete
paradise. But not now.  And a comment on Nicaragua. We have
been there three times.
And stayed in the city of Granada.  And just
a great place. Cheap, safe, great bars and discos, cold cervesa and
very pretty ladies
. And all with Daniel Ortega as President. We saw a
decent economy and all seemed good. But lately there has been
lots of political strive and demonstrations. Also there was a nice
sports bar, a great place to hang out. And a good number of Ex Pats
and retired gringos.
And huge foreign real estate investments.  
People were investing heavily buying islands on Lago Nicaragua.
Just no idea what the status is here. But it shows the potential risks
of buying real estate in potentially unstable countries. Be careful.
Just a sad state of affairs on two great party spots. Stay Tuned.
Sosua News 8/14/2018.  Its still 2018 and
things are already getting out of control.
Willie Olevences is far and away the
front runner. Even more so, since his
major opponent Oscar Peralta is already
out. Mr Peralta was to be the PLD Parties young  hotshot
candidate running against Willie
.  And was running the Tourismo
office in Sosua. These guys have lots of clout. They issue
restaurant,  bar and hotel permits. And can  shut them down at
will. They have more power than the Mayor.
 Was he the driving
force behind the recent bar closings and increased arrests of
the girls?
He was running on a theme that Sosua Deserves More
and seems conservative.
Yet he calims to be close to ex Sosua
Mayor Vladamir  Capsenses
who owned the legendary El Flow
Bar and is pro fiesta. No bar closings under his tenure.  Bars
were booming and we miss those Wild Wild West days in Sosua.
So what happened to Oscar? He was caught attending a party in
Sosua loaded with strippers doing lap dances for the guests.
He was also  photographed posing with two scantily clothed
women on a trip to NYC. We say big deal, the guy is just normal,
but was suspended him without pay. The upper middle pic is of
former President Lional Fernandez.  He is a shoe in to be re
elected. Almost no competition.
And we would like to thank
Fabio Garcia at DETRASDELRUMOR.COM.DO  for this atrticle.
Great work as always. And what an eye opener this website is,
And of course Best of Luck to Willie.  Now in the 2016 election
just about all of his  Highway billboards were vandelized with
spray paint. Now who was behind that? We can only speculate.
Sosua News 8/24/2018. On 8/18 the Anfitiatro
Puerto Plata hosted a great night of Salsa. Never
will  there be a lineup like this again. Just about
every Dominican Salsa act was there. David
Cada, Alex Matos, Revolution Salsera,
Sexappeal, Chaquito Team Band.
 Also one we
never heard of, named  Ruth La Cantanta. Who?
She was a nice surprise. Great voice and a real
. Salsa needs mote female singers. There
was one band for five of the acts.  Usually the singers brings
their own bands, but to save on costs just David Cada,
Sexaoppeal and Chaquito Team Band brought their full bands.
The others brought maybe a keyboard player or one or two of
their musicians. And this  saved sponsor Ron Columbus big $$$.

With this lineup we expected a near sellout. But no, there were
about 4,500 in attendance. That left 2,500 empty seats.
venue has had trouble selling out lately. The concerts  have
been starting too late, leaving the crowd sore and
uncomfortable, sitting for hours on hard wododen benches.  But
this concert started just one hour late and it moved along fast.
Ten minutes between acts. But  the show still lasted till 2am.
Ruth Cantanta opened and the closing act was Chaquito Team
Band.  All eight acts sounded great
. The backup band were just  
crack performers  but some of the  musicians but were fumbling
with sheet music. They had to learn a lot of songs. The weather
was a perfect. Nice and cool and was a great night.  And cheap.
The average ticket price was 500 pesos.  About $10.The sponsor
still had to write a huge check. Ron Columbus is one of the
smaller Rum companies. More to come.Stay Tuned.
Sosua News 8/24/2018. Yes a new cruise
ship port is in the works with a cost of  
US$ 80 Million. This will allow
every other crusie ship line to compete
with Carnival Cruise Lines in Maimon.
Just where all this will fit remains to be seen.  Puerto Plata
wants to revive the 1990s when the port was a cruise hot spot.
The Carnival ships dock at 8pm and leave at 5pm several days
per week. The new port will bring in huge numbers of tourists.
Great news for the tour companies.
But will the new ships stay
over night like they did in the 90s?
Well, that depends. Back in
those days Puerto Plata was loaded with strip clubs. And they
were jam packed with just about every male on the boats
. Jam
packed and Rockin.  Adios honey, we are going to have a night
on the town. But in 2018? Just two strip clubs remain. Way too
quiet. The fun police just wreck everything. Much more to come
Sosua News 8/26/2018.  Venezuela continues
to be a mess.  Last count there were 30,000
refugees here in the DR. Thats been a few
weeks so that number has to be up. But,
4,000 Venezuelans are pouring into Equador
do not have the money to support all of this. And of course
Columbia and Brazil are over run as well.  
All this with oil
prices near $70 per barrel
. The currency is just worthless.  A
bushel barrel load buys a loaf  of bread if they can find one.  
And a thought on Sosua Beach. The recently closed Picaflora
restaurant was 2.5 miles out of town in the middle of nowhere.
And the city wants to build a Red Light District a mile down
Calle Pedro Clisante in the middle of Sosua
. Just dont think
that will happen.  Its a great idea that will never take off.  We
have had a little rain lately but still not enough. The good news
is there is almost guaranteed warm sunny weather for your
trip. The Sosua party is slow but still light years better than
where you are right now . We think.  If you find a new paradise
email us ASAP.
 Hey Las Vegas where are you?
Sosua News 9/1/2018. Now thas horror story
goes back a few years now,
but problems
like this stiill exist.
 A guy we knew pretty
well  bought a well known  bar near the
Hotel Europa in Sosua.  
He bought the bar
from a German who claimed to be the
owner for US$ 160,000 for the bar and land. The transaction
was completed and the new owner remodeled the place and
did a great job. All good so far right? Well not so fast.
the remodeling was complete he was approached by the real
owner, who informed our friend that he was the true owner of
the land
.  And the purchase was a fraud.  The contract was a
fake. The guy had no choice but to rent the space from the
real owner. And the German was off into the sunset, never to
be heard from again.  A tough lesson learned.  No idea if
these two worked together and split the money. We will never
know. Some advice to all of you thinking of buying real estate
in Sosua or the Dom. Rep.
 Always go through a professional.
We recommend using Richard Hunt at Coldwell Banker. Also
Chip Bomaritto and David Logan at DRListings. Or consult
lawyer Guido Perdomo
. These are Sosua Real Estate pros.
You will never have these problems. A simple visit to Mr.
Perdomo and our friend would have saved $160k. There are
also problem surveys here. There are more surveys here  
than plots of land. For years the government has been trying
to clean this up. You do not want a knock at your door from
someone who claims all or part of your house is built on his
You can also buy from great builders such Residential
Hispaniola or Casa Linda.
But dont be in a hurry. We
recommend renting or leasing for a period of time and test
the waters.  And yes the real bar owner waited until the bar
was remodeled. Smart. Take our advice. Dont be a Sucker
Sosua News 9/17/2018. Yes Readers, there
was a high level meeting this week in Santo
to discuss how to stop rampant
prostitution iin Sosua and Cabarete
. How
many of these have they had? Countless.  
So many we cant keep track.
Attending the
meeting were of course Sosua Mayor Llana Nuemann. Also,
Humbero Pichardo of the Sosua Hotel Association, Director of
Alcoholic Beverage Control Aris Leyda Mercedes, Police Minister
Jose Ramon Fadur, Andres Pastoriza of The Sosua Sustainable
Development Assoc. and  Tourismo Director Lorenzo Sancassani.
Have Mercy,
They just do not read this blog. How many times have
we written about the simple solution to this.
 In Sosua there are
about four party bars open.
Mayor Nuemann can simply go to the
hardware store. But four padlocks, raid and close the remaining
, Then clear everyone out of the party zone. Easy, this will take
one day. Over and out and we all move on. Make that two hours and
done.  But No!  They just refuse to shut down the party.
They know
that without us the weak Sosua economy dies
.  And for the guy from
the SSDA.  Mr Pastoriza has done nothing but promote an annual
10k run. He has done nothing in the past five years to change
Families remain scarce in town. You are more likely to see a
herd of elephants running through Sosua than a family. Stay Tuned
Sosua News 9/17/2018. The US has
pulled the Ambassadors from the
Dom. Rep, Panama and El Salvador
for accepting money from China
. In
return they must cut ties with
Taiwan. This did not mix well with Washington. The US
Ambassador to the Dom Rep. Robin Bernstein was in her
first day on the job
. The above pic shows her meeting with
President Madina.  
We were surprised that Panama bit on
. They have plenty of $$$ and are a well developed
country. Thanks to for the pic and
story and also for our story on prostitution. Just crazy.
just finished twenty great Summer concerts. A huge
thanks for all the time, effort and the Millions of $$$
Sosua Beach News spent. And all of them with free
But no Festival Presidente 2018. It is
held evety two years so we all have to wait until
2019. This is a long wait.
Sosua News 10/1/2018. With Canada
officially legalizing recreational
Marijuana on 10/17 and  the same in
many states in the US, should the
Dom Rep follow suit and legalize
weed? of course they should. They just issued $1.8 billion
dollars in 6% 10 year bonds to balance out the 2018 budget
This is a dangerous road. The government here is not afraid to
spend money. Way too much.
Taxes on Legalized cannabis for  
both medical and recreational use could balance out the
. This would draw in vast numbers of free spending
tourists and raise huge amounts of tax revenue.  Latin
American countries have harsh drug laws. Cocaine we
understand should stay illegal. Pot however needs to be
legalized here.
Just look at the way US states like California,
Nevada and Colorado are gaining revenue
. Marijuana cafes
and shops can coexist here just fine. The All Inclusive Resorts
would not be affected, but more guests might venture out for a
night on the town.
And tourism in Sosua Beach and other small
towns would just explode
. But, for now marijuana is illegal in
the Dominican Republic. And our advice is stay away. If you are
out on the street someone will sooner or later offer you
whatever you want.  Get  caught with an ounce or less? Plan on
spending a few days in jail, pay a fine and maybe get deported.
Just a great way to wreck your trip. Under the current laws its
just not worth it. But its up to you to decide.  
Sosua Beach News 10/5 2018. Thanks to our
amigo at  for reporting on
the 9/26 meeting at Sosua City Hall, hosted
by Sosua Mayor Llana Nuemann.
Of course it
was how to end prostitution in Sosua.
Mercy! We wonder if they ever read this web
page. There was a proposal to close the bars and discos at midnight
during the week and 2am on weekends. So the police can get
prostitution under control
. People are dying and getting injured in
highway wrecks and all they can think about is prostitution. Damn it,  
just close the remaining bars and reserve the area for families?
Never gonna happen.
Around in circles we go like a dog chasing its
tail. Just endless masturbation without a climax
. It is never going to
end.  We cant wait for the new Sosua Red Light District. Yah sure.
Sosua News 10//5/2018. Yes Readers, the
Locals are fleeing the Sunny DR for greener
pastures in Puerto Rico. Traffickers are
making 5-6 million Dom Rep Pesos per month
putting refugees on rickety boats which
often  break down. One boat was reported to
be adrift for 33 days. Hmmm, Great for the sun
tan. Leaving one paradise for another?  Puerto Rico a paradise?
Wasnt it wiped out by Hurricane Maria in 2017? Maybe there are
construction jobs.
There are loads of skilled labor here making $4 USD
per hour.
The Dominicans really know how to work with rebar and
cement. And lots of skilled bricklayers.
Reading this US contractors?
BREAKING SOSUA  NEWS 11/6/2018.  We managed to get on the message boards.
Some Fake News channel
named CTV was in Sosua filming about the huge numbers of pedafiles
pouring into Sosua and the DR.  Just to have sex with underage girls
They claim the streets in Sosua are loaded with young child
prostitutes selling their bodies. One out of four girls being under 18?
This is total BS as are their videos.
The average age of the women on
the street here is well over 20 and a number of them  over 30
. Where
are these underage girls? Come on you will not see one. The cops
are everywhere and if they suspect a girl is underage they will check
them for a valid ID or Cedula. If no ID they are promptly arrested.
There is also a part of their video showing a group of 12 and 13 year
old girls selling themselves in front of a clothing store
. This scene is
no where in Sosua or anywhere in the DR.  Just staged or fake
footage. And the videos also talk about how dangerous and drug
infested the strip in Sosua is.
Come on there is a cop every 20 feet.
The strip is perfectly safe
. We have been here now 13 years and 99%
of the people who come here to party are honest and law abiding and
are not sex predators. Nor do we condone illegal behavior any kind.
But when we read this BS we get hot under the collar. This goes on
everywhere to some extent. We will bet that you can get whatever
your looking for in NYC or any city on the planet. This BS winds up on
the message boards.
We know the owner of takemebacktososua. He
needs to police his site and clean it up. Also a poster named
WANDERING MAN needs to get banned also.
He clams  he was
harrassed by American families when having dinner with his girl in
Baileys Restaurant . BS!  What American families?
Sosua News 11/16/2018. Sorry for the delay. We have been so caught up in all the
fake Sosua News we almost forgot there was a great Hip Hop Fest at the
Anfitietro Puerto Plata.
A crowd of about 5,500 saw an All Star Lineup perform
including Mark B, Chimbala, Vakero, Shelo Shack and three crazy female acts
including MelyMel.
She was the best act of the night by far singing a number of
well known tunes and hugely popular among the female audience. They sang
every word to every song. And the crowd sang every word to every song all
night. As usual we knew zero lyrics. But we act like we do by faking it. Now a word
about Chimbala. This guy wrote two or three catchy tunes and is a huge star. He
is about five feet tall and four feet wide. And doesnt sing all that well. His videos
are better than his live act. But if he can make it big, anyone can.
No wonder
every Dominican male under 30 wants to be a rapper
. But it was a fun night. But
not a sellout? Maybe some of these singers need to freshen up their acts. Mark
B has been singing the same tunes for years adding nothing new.  And  just five
minutes of rain. And once again sorry you didnt make it.
And  huge thanks to
Lifestyle Resorts and Ron Columbus for picking up a huge tab
. These sponsors
had to write big checks. Paying for fourteen acts is not cheap. Stay Tuned
Sosua News 12/15/2018. Some great concerts coming soon. The big
one is Electric Paradise 12/22 on the playa in Cap Cana.
And what  a
lineup. Seventeen acts including
Ozuna, Cardi B and J Balvin. Of
course put on by our party animal friends at Cervesa Presidente.
Ozuna is the hottest male singer on the planet right now with
around two dozen songs on The Latin charts. Both as as as a solo
artist and with other singers.  
We saw him last year at Festival
Presidente and just a great live act.
 J Balvin is also a huge Latin
star. And has a massive following.
And Bad girl Cardi B will also
take the stage.
 She will be worth the price of admission alone.  
Just a wild and crazy act.  
She is a younger version of Nicki Manaj.  
Never heard of Cardi B? We strongly suggest you check out her
YouTube vids.  Never a dull moment.  And many electronic DJ acts.
Tickets are RD4500 pesos for general admission and RD7500
pesos for VIP. Not cheap. The exchange rate is 50 pesos per US
dollar. But this will be a once in a lifetime event.  Lots of Beer,
Music and Ladies.
Frank Reyes will be at NY Ranch in Puerto Plata
on 12/29.  We saw Frank last year at the Anfiteatro
and it was a full
stage production on a big stage. We have never seen a better
concert.  But  he arrives late so check times. Well worth the price.  
A great band also.
Latin music legend Carlos Vives will be at the
Anfiteatro on 12/22.
Never seen him live but he has a huge
following. We hope this is a sellout. Stay Tuned
Sosua News 12/21/2018. The Anfiteatro is a busy place this
Holiday Season. On 12/29 there will be the Megafieston will
rock the place with a mix of Maregue, Salsa, Bachata  and
Hip Hop.
 Performing will be Batcahta singers Alex Bueno
and El Varon De Batchata.
 Both are real vets and have
been around for years. David Kada will be playing his great
Salsa. Now we have seen David three times in the last eight
months but if you havent seen him live, it might be worth
the trip.  He puts on a great show.
 Hip Hop singer Chimbala
will also return. Maybe the best act  might be La
Materialista. She is a rising star and has a video with
. So these two will be teaming  up. Go check out
their YouTube vid.  Its really insane. And of course there
are a number of  acts we have never heard of, where the
locals just love the act and know every word. And of course
we sit scratching our heads.
Sosua News 12/21/2018.  Last week we spotted an
article on the
Dominican Today website, written by a
John Lopez.
 Titled Sosua Is In Trouble. His reason is
that the town is being invaded by
Haitian Americans.
Yah,  you read this right.  Not Haitians from Haiti but
Hatians fleeing the US. And causing a huge crime wave and numerous
He also stated that Brazil has also been invaded by Hatian Americans
causing the same problems including a recent murder.
This is just more fake
news and Mr Lopez knows it. And it drew quite a reaction.  A lady named
Lindsay commented this was false and racist and Sosua is mainly populated by
white tourist there for the Chicas. Say What?
Has this lady ever been to
Sosua?  Mainly white guys? Come on.
 And Whats with all the fake Sosua news
See our story below by CTV News reporting that one in four working
girls in Sosua were under 18 and the Strip was crime ridden?
Ratings must be
way down to print this BS. COME ON! Much more to come here, Stay Tuned
Sosua News 12/21/2018. We found  this
YouTube vid on Dominican Dating and it
has us rolling on the floor. For you DR Vets
you will love this. Its not everyday we find a
video this funny. Go ahead and check it
out.  And the Baseball games are loaded
with pretty ladies who are rabid fanatics
Sosua News 1/2/2019. HAPPY 2019 to all
our loyal Readers.
And it looks good for
the Party in Sosua
. Despite all the bad
publicity and bar closings the party
continues to thrive.
We have had huge
Holiday party crowds.
And thanks to all
for coming. We havebeen getting some
rain lately after a dry and sunny 2018. Just perfect weather. If
we get a rainy high season it could be the end of even more
restaurants.  2018 was a rough year for the Sosua economy
overall, except for our party crowd of course. The new Red
Light District was of course a bust as predicted
. Dont invest
in Sosua bars and restaurants!
The baby boom continues
with ladies giving birth at record rates. Build a diaper factory.
Lots of pregnant ladies in the Hood. If no babies by age 19 a
girl is looked on as weird. Just a thought on this subject.
we predict slow business for the two giant Chinese retail
. Never enough tourist traffic to support all this. And
this high season. No reservation required. Most hotels are
wide open.
Cabarete will be Rockin 12/31 The  party is in Cab.
Not Sosua.
Lat year nothing in Sosua. No party at all. Come on
Mayor Nuemann? Frustrating. Stay Tuned for much more.
Sosua News 1/2/2019. Lots of Holiday
concert news. Damn it we didnt make to
Electric Paradise.  It drew a record
crowd of at least 40,000.
Ozuna, Cardi B
and J Balvin were amazing
. By the way
Ozuna is now the No 1 male singer on the planet. He currently has
last count 23 songs on the Latin Music Charts
. He is soundly beating
Maluma who is 2nd. Who you ask? We suggest you look these guys
up on YouTube. We also missed Frank Reyes at New York Ranch.
Always a great live act. Also missed Carlos Vives at the Anfietiatro.
We went down but the cheapest seat was $68 USD. Dont like him that
But was a sellout. And drew an affluent crowd. Yes AFFLUENT.
The best kept secret here is the economy is booming and the middle
class is exploding. Shhhh, dont tell anyone.
And finally Megafieston
. We made this one and save for a little too much Marengue,
was a good show. Marengue is a combination of accordion,
saxophone and bongos and a guira, which is a metal scraper. Just
gives us a headache. But it was invented here and the locals love it.
Salsa singer David Kada was great as was Varon de Bachata, as was
Chimbala and La Materialista
. But what a disappointment. These two
did a hit YouTube and  performed back to back and did not do the
duet. HUH? Thats why we showed up.
See the video above.
1/9/2019 Sosua Beach News. Whats new in Sosua? Pretty quiet
and no street party in Sosua.
We were there 11pm on New
years eve and Calle Pedro Clisante was dead.
Mercy! We have
heard that Sosua
Mayor Nuemann gets a reported $24 million
pesos per month to run the town.
50,000 RD pesos is $1000
USD. Do the math. This is more than enough to have a great  
party. Two years now. No party. Bourbon Street was shut
down until Jan 7 and R BBQ Restaurant closed at 11pm. Not
very exciting.
But Cabarete was packed and rockin.  Enlarge
pics above. Partiers as far as the eye can see. So Cabarete
got all the business. Good for them. Bad for Sosua.  More
good news.
Marriott will be building two new hotels in Puerto
Plata, investing $350 Million USD
. Some 3rd world country
huh? The DR is a 2nd world developing country and
developing fast. Huge foreign investment.
There is talk that
Mayor Nuemann is trying to resume building a smoggy
walkway from Sosua to Los Charamicos
. Just a waste of
money. Not one person, including the Mayor will ever use it.
There is a trail on the beach which works great and the air is
We read a recent article on that a
group of Sosua notables went to the Capitol to discuss a
hospital for Sosua.
Notables from Sosua? Hmmm, did not
know there were notables here.
Just posturing. As usual
nothing will happen.
The proposed site is now completely
overgrown with trees. A sidewalk over hospital? Of course.
Why not? What kind of high tourist season will we have?
Slow. Coming?
Hotels are wide open. The weather so far is
awesome. 80s F and sunny,
and the party is still going. Time to
get on a plane? Stay tuned.
STILL SMOKIN CIGS? You Crazy? Our close
amigo Rob Hoffman passed away from
cancer Jan. 2015. Four long years. Enlarge
these pics.
Upper Left is Oct. 2014. Lower
right is Jan. 2015, after 3 months of chemo
therapy. Shocking. He looks 90 years old. Pictured
also is Robs son Jon. The cancer spread from his
lungs to his lymph nodes to his brain. His last
few days he didnt sleep. He was yelling and screaming out of control.
Mercy. Around 2010 he developed a chronic cough. We would say Rob,
your body is talking to you.
His response was just bronchitis bro. No
Problem. Typical smoker. Rob was a great guy. We both arrived in Sosua
in 2006. A great Sosua party guy. We will always miss our good buddy.
Maybe its time to honor that NewYears resolution and kick the butts.
Sosua News 1/21/2019. Its already
Carnaval  Season 2019 starting Sunday
Feb, 3 in Puerto Plata and Island wide.  
How time flies.
Just a reminder that
Carnaval in the Dom Rep goes on every
Sunday in February and into the first
Sosua News 1/21/2019. We are getting
cranked up for Super Bowl Week 2019.
The best two parties in Sosua Beach will
be at the Ahnvee Sports Resort and
Sosua City Lights Night Club
will put on
large parties with great food and drink
specials. Last year we went to Ahnvee.
Tickets were 1000RD.  About $20 USD. Expect to pay a little more this
year with the exchange rate. But worth it.
This includes an all you can
eat buffet plus soft drinks
. Alcohol extra. But they threw a real party.
And and a great live music half time show.. Worth every peso.  We
love the Buffet.
Expect a great crowd at Bourbon Street Bar as well,
which is managed by our friends at Ahnvee
. We will wait for their room
specials as well. The rooms are decked out and have massive
showers that can hold your entire party at once. Oh Yah! These guys
know how to party.  Stay Tuned. Lots more to come
Sosua News 1/21/2019. Arent we lucky here in Sosua? The above pics
show the transformation of D Latin Drink into a Chinese retail store.
These show the bar loaded with partIers and what it looks like now. A
store full of junk.
We found not one item we would need in the whole
Sunday in March. So five Sundays in total. Among the largest
parades take place in Santo Domingo. On the Malecon, near Zona
Colonial. La Vega is legendary for its massive party and is the oldest
and largest. Santiago is one of our favorites and will be there at
least two times.
The largest might be in La Vega. They set up huge
party areas and goes all night. Other cities hosting Carnaval  are
Punta Cana, Monti Cristi, Rio San Juan, Barahona and Bonao
. The
party goes on in every city, every Sunday. In every other country
Carnival lasts one weekend. And concerts galore. The locals party
hard. They party hard all the time but during Carnival they kick into
another gear.  We would love to get to Rio of course. And Trinidad
might be the best in the Caribbean. But prices go through the roof.
Beer, Rum, Music and Ladies. And too much fun. Stay tuned.
Sosua News 1/21/2019. And look what we
came across. A chain of bars in England,
televising the Super Bowl.
The Shooters bar
chain is located in Birmingham, Leeds,
Liverpool, Manchester and Nottingham
. And
there serving Bud Light and Jim Beam. Jim
Beam we get.
The British drinking Bud Light?
Hmmm, that might not go over. They may
serve more Guiness Stout than Bud Light.
place. No way is it going to generate the economic activity of DLatin.
Not even the same universe as far as cash flow and tax revenue.
Every drink and meal here is taxed 18% and truck loads were served
daily. This is just sickening.
And there is a little activity in the new
Sosua Red Light District.
An apartment complex or hotel is going up
and a little work is being done on a new bar.
Believe it when we are
standing in these new bars
. We say Sosua Lights and Clasico Disco will
never close
. Economic suicide for Sosua. And we took  a walk to Sosua
Main Beach on Saturday 1/12.
Lots of beach erosion on the West half
of the beach
. This is hurting the restaurants in this section. There is
no where to sit. The water is running up and hitting the wall. No sand.
The East half has plenty of sand and room to sit. Some heavy rain lately
but still awesome weather. And to clarify,
Mayor Nuemann gets
ballpark 24 million RD pesos to run Sosua each month
. That is a lot of
cha ching. And the Party lives. Lots of guys still flying in. Stay Tuned